Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Joseph T. Cooke, MD

Welcome to the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. Our mission encompasses activities in clinical care, research in genetic medicine, and education. Our faculty and fellows provide 24-hour, in-hospital coverage of the Medical Intensive Care Unit. Our in-house Pulmonary Consultation Service is respected for its outstanding quality of patient care and its responsiveness to both patients and to referring physicians. The Pulmonary Procedure Suite and the Pulmonary Function Laboratory continue to provide high quality care to an increasing volume of patients.


Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
Joseph T. Cooke, MD, Chief

Carmel M. Cutugno,
Administrative Secretary
Phone: 212-746-7498
Fax: 646-962-0406
Email: cac2041@med.cornell.edu

Malika Maddison, Division Administrator
Phone: 646-962-2333
Fax: 646-962-0330

Yvette Soltren, Practice Manager
Phone: 646-962-2333
Fax: 646-962-0330


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