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First Stop: Weill Cornell Travel Medicine (WCTM)

Whether planning to travel for pleasure, work, or embarking on a humanitarian mission, it is vital to make a "first stop" with a travel medicine expert prior to leaving in order to ensure a safe and healthy trip. Since its inception in 1980, the Division of Infectious Diseases has been home to a premier clinic that serves this purpose. In fact, Weill Cornell Travel Medicine (WCTM) was the first of its kind in all of the United States.

An Empty Nester Vacation and an Unexpected Dog Bite

With their son about to go off to college, Mr. Steve Newhouse and his wife, Ms. Gina Sanders, began to plan for a trip to Bhutan and China. "We were about to be empty nesters, and we had always wanted to go to Asia," he explains. Before leaving, Mr. Newhouse had met with Dr. Henry Murray, co-founder of the Weill Cornell Travel Clinic, to ensure that he received any necessary pre-travel vaccines. All was in order, but the best laid plans were sidelined by something completely unexpected – a dog bite.

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